Metal Laser Engraving Options

Over the years, the metal engraving techniques have evolved greatly – nowadays, people are able to engrave complex messages in some of the toughest metals, quickly and almost effortlessly. Nonetheless, the quality of the engraved message is directly linked to the type of metal (whether it is coated or not) and to the engraving technique. Having said that, here you will find some of the most widely used engraving options at the moment.

A Deeper Insight Into Metal Laser Engraving Techniques And Machines

Metal Laser Engraving
In a nutshell, the metal laser engraving process involves burning off a small surface of the metal in question using a powerful laser beam, in order to form a logo or to engrave a message. There can be obtained fine or deep markings, based on the requirements, the type of metal and the type of laser that is used. There are several different laser beams used for metal engraving: fiber laser, YAG lasers, YB lasers and carbon dioxide laser beams are four of the most commonly used ones.

CO2 Lasers

Carbon dioxide lasers are considerably more efficient than YAG lasers as they have a larger wavelength that penetrates deeper into the metal – this type of laser is particularly useful for stronger metals, in which is a lot more difficult to carve. Most professionals choose to work with the carbon dioxide laser metal engraving machine as it is very flexible and versatile, and it can be used for a wide range of metals from aluminum, which is known to be one of the softest metals, to steel. In addition to this, this laser is used for engraving messages and logos in a wide range of other materials, from wood to plastic and even marble. Co2 machinery is popular now and many laser cutting companies are entering the market so be careful what you buy.  Get reviews where  available.  I was looking at CamFive laser reviews here online and found pretty favorable reviews so it it helps to background research and get confirmation before buying.

YAG And YB Lasers

On the other hand, YAG and YB laser beams are also commonly used in the engraving industry, although they are usually used for finer engravings (surface logos that do not require in-depth engraving). Despite the fact that the YAG and YB beams are known to create clean and accurate engravings, they are mainly used for softer metals and they are not suitable for all types of materials (they are a very popular choice for personalized engraving uses, such as birthday wishes and other personal messages). The depth of the marking is usually lower than 0.05 mm, and both of the above-mentioned lasers are affordable and they are a great investment in the long run.

Fiber Lasers

Last, but not least, the fiber laser metal engraving machine is another sophisticated tool to create metal markings: this is a high-precision, high-temperature machine that produces top-notch beam and brightness and requires little to no maintenance in the long haul. It is based on air-assisted engraving (which is currently considered the most advanced form of metal laser engraving) and it is suitable for titanium, copper, steel and a variety of alloys. Fiber laser engraving is a technique that is mainly used for creating markings on electronics, glasses, automotive parts and jewelry. It has a very high cutting speed and it ensures stable running.  Again, read reviews first before buying so you can discover what previous customers are finding out after the purchase.